1. What is the finish on the legs and table top?
    • Currently we are supplying the tables and the extension accessories as kits.  We will be offering the product completed with a suitable paint finish sometime soon.
  2. What accessories are available?
    • The system is designed so you can use basic clamps you may already own, some might require a simple modification.  The design also allows the use of other proprietary clamp systems, so you have a choice in what you want to use.
  3. How heavy is the unit?
    • We provide an estimated shipping weight and packaging size under the ‘Additional Information’ tab, this is in each of the product pages on our website.
  4. Will it be available on wheels?
    • For now, the product is only available with adjustable legs, during development we found a high level of accuracy when setting up the weld table with adjustment to fine tune a final height than what we can with castors.
  5. Can I get other sizes?
    • Yes, you can, by contacting us with you desired table top size, we can provide you with a custom design that works with our system, we will also provide an estimate of cost.
  6. What are the pitch centres in the work surfaces?
    • The Table Tops have a pitch increment of 60 / 180 mm
  7. What is it made of?
    • 6.0mm Hot Roll mild steel plate.
  8. Can I buy only the table top?
    • Yes, our products page has not only the Table Top and Frame combination, but you can also purchase the 2 assemblies separately.
  9. Can I buy the frame assembly without the RSH section?
    • Yes, you can, by contacting us we can provide a simple quotation that reflects the saving made for parts and freight. We do provide a drawing in the instruction that indicates the material size and cut lengths required.
  10. Are there instructions provided?
    • We do provide a comprehensive set of instructions with every kit we send. We provide some tips and tricks to ensure a quality outcome when you assemble and weld your Fabricator’s Mate welding table.
  11. Do I need to be an expert welder to assemble a table top?
    • You will need a reasonable level of competency, the ability to use a MIG welder is most desirable. If you planning to use an arc welder, you would expect a very high level of competency due to the plug welding requirements.
  12. Can I purchase the unit completed for me?
    • Yes, you can, by contacting us we can provide you with a quotation for a finished table top and frame assembly, we also can provide our extension kits assembled and ready for use. The quotation will include a freight estimate.
  13. What welding equipment do I need to assemble a welding table top?
    • We suggest a MIG welder with a minimum of 180amp capacity. An arc welder can be used but a very high level of competency is required.
  14. Can I use a TIG welder when welding my welding table assembly?
    • You can, we suggest the equipment has enough amperage that will produce enough penetration and the filler wire is suitable for mild steel plate.
  15. Will the surface of the welding table bend during use?
    • It can, if there is enough force applied with clamping you can damage the flat surface. To avoid this only apply enough clamping pressure to hold your work piece in position and then tack weld to secure the parts.  When your project is completely tack welded together remove your clamps and fully weld your project work piece in a way to minimise the weld distortion.