FAB Mate 1200 x 720 Welding Table Top

$800.00 ex GST

1200 x 720 Table Top Kit

Used as a welding table for light engineering fabrications
Suits jig and fixture applications, where a high degree of accuracy and repeatability during assembly

*additional Tailgate fee may apply


1 x Assembled 1200 x 720 Table Top

All materials are delivered in a raw state, no paint has been applied.
1200 x 720 x 240 Table Top dimensions
120.0 mm on center slot increments
Ø16 mm holes for proprietary clamp systems
6.0 mm steel plate construction
Laser cut precision
Tab and slot connection
Flatness achieved to 0.10 mm on average, considering there is no machining involved.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 720 × 240 mm


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